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Naturally sweet

Perfume is a very personal thing.

Finding a fragrance that has the right balance of notes (and doesn’t cause me a headache) and lasts enough to make an impact is tricky. The result is that I have used the same two or three fragrances for the past 20 years.

The Eau Fraiche from Acorelle has a much lighter composition than its counterpart Eau De Parfum, which means that you can use it more frequently throughout the day and into the evening.

The frosted glass bottle is rather pretty, and it would easily fit in a handbag. I nominated myself to trial the Citrus Verbana as I love fruity rather than floral fragrances.

After spraying, the tangerine fragrance was the one which won out and stayed (which I was particularly pleased with). It’s really fresh but pretty too.

The bottle is 30ml and I think it’s a really decent price at £19.95 from MyPure.co.uk







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