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Outback Organics Botanical Body oil

Tested by the professionals...

Several new and exciting products from the wonderful people at Outback Organics landed on the beauty tables at Axiom Bodyworks  and Sara offered to exclusively review them for Daisy Green …

“I’m already a fan of Outback Organics, much talked about, Bush Balm so have been keen to get my hands on the new range of Pre and Post Waxing products they’ve just launched.

Botanical Body Oil

The very first thing you notice about this body oil when you pick up the bottle, is the spray nozzle top (not seen in the image as it comes separately).

I was a little taken aback by this, having always used an oil that you pour onto your hand or cotton pad to apply. As the majority of waxing that I do is in the intimate area, I have to be honest, I wasn’t sure how comfortable I would feel spraying someone’s most private area.

For other area’s such as legs and backs it is in fact a FANTASTIC idea. The spray means you are using just the right amount of product and there is less wastage from the product being absorbed into gloved hand or cotton pad. It has also prevented me dripping oil on the floor as it runs through my fingers (which is ALWAYS a bonus!!)

The spray goes on in a lovely light film and leaves the slightest of sheen on the skin – not so much you are having to dab away the product with a tissue, but just enough to create a more comfortable treatment for your client. The irresistible lemon myrtle fragrance is light and refreshing and far less “cloying” on the senses in a small and warm treatment room.

I haven’t been able to overcome the awkwardness of spraying a clients genital area with the oil. But instead, I have simply sprayed the product on to a gloved hand and applied in the same way I did previously.

Overall I’m still using less product than with a pour style bottle even this way.

The nut free aspect of this oil is of particular importance to me the ingredients used are as natural as possible with Rose Hip, Olive and Argan oils used instead which prevents unpleasant reaction in more sensitive or allergic individuals.

This would also make this oil a perfect solution for anyone who has reacted badly to a blended massage oil, or for someone who doesn’t like the oily sensation of massage oils on their skin but prefers a dryer feel. It still gives the perfect amount of slip to be used effectively as a massage oil if you wish.

Overall this is a gem of a product.

For the experienced waxer used to using oil, the light sheen is just the right amount on the skin. For the waxer new to using oil, the spray action on the bottle makes it perfect for getting used to putting just the right amount on.”

Outback Organics Botanical Body Oil is £15 for 250ml.


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