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Why on earth would you airbrush

Our lovely new Duchess of Cambridge?

May 5th, 2011

Almost 3 years to the day, ago an irresponsible magazine annoyed me so much I decided to start my own.

Today, here I am again compelled to blog about Belinda White’s article in the Telegraph:

Kate Middleton slimmed down by Grazia?

Well, I’ll leave it to you to decide but I certainly think her waist looks smaller on the Grazia front cover than in the beautiful images from her actual wedding. (And what’s up with leaving the gorgeous Duke out of the image?).

The Duchess of Cambridge is absolutely beautiful. She looked stunning on her wedding day.

Sitting on the Isle of Arran watching the ceremony, I won’t forget easily how moving the whole event was and felt privileged to watch it.

So why on this earth would a national magazine, with such a huge influence on women across the UK chose to air brush in this way?

Unnecessary. Bad taste.  And sets an unbelievably unhealthy example to women everywhere.

Grazia, if this image has been altered, shame on you.

Nicola Jayne Little

Founder of Daisy Green magazine. Full of Sparkle. Daisy contributor. Social Media addict. Obsessive charity shop bargain hunter.
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  1. Absolutely spot on! I can’t believe they would feel the need to do that! Well, I can.. it sure will grab attention – but most women will be annoyed at this. Kate is a beautiful woman with a beautiful figure… Leave her photos alone!

  2. I cannot believe that anyone would have airbrushed Kate on that day- she looked stunning and she is absolutely tiny. Why on earth would you want to make her smaller? The poor girl has already had so much criticism for being too thin, why would any self-respecting woman, and it will have been done by a woman, do that to someone else? In addition, it just puts more pressure on women to be thin, ridiculously so, in a time when women are already being pulled in a million directions. I think Grazia should be ashamed of themselves and I wish they could be fined or something to stop this horrific practice.

  3. This is appalling. Kate looked stunning (and already very thin) on her wedding day. By making her thinner you are encouraging the modelling industry’s glorification of the impossibly thin. Young girls all over the world are pressured into trying to achieve this impossible goal.
    And are you allowed to airbrush the royals?

  4. Totally agree. She looked so stunning and tiny anyway…..this photograph makes her look unnatural and medieval-like.

  5. […] if I employed a designer or editor, who was producing work like that and “accidentally” thinning our future queen by 20% (get a […]

  6. Hi all, I’ve written a bit of a ranty piece here http://www.royalexander.me/?p=158 with more information, and Grazia’s OWN page, where you can comment, is here. http://www.graziadaily.co.uk/fashion/archive/2011/05/05/grazias-royal-wedding-cover.htm PLEASE go and register your distaste, AND get friends to post, AND tweet it.

  7. It makes me sick that Grazia felt the need to alter a photo to that (or any!) extent. The “You’ve been Tango’d” tan they’ve given her just makes it all the worse!


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