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The Challenge – in a tight spot

Five weeks on, how's Gabrielle getting on with no new clothes?

So, it’s five weeks since I first declared my challenge to not buy myself any new clothes for a year – NONCY for short.

It’s not the catchiest of acronyms so any better suggestions are most welcome.

A few people have asked me how it’s going and I’ve said, until now, really well! I’ve not had a big urge to spend money, helped by steering clear of clothes stores and instantly deleting any shop newsletters that plop into my inbox. Plus, my dear friend, Kirsty, bought me two gorgeous summer dresses from her local charity shop, roll on summer!

But then something happened that I didn’t expect and hadn’t planned for. It’s not the biggest deal in the world, it’s actually really teeny but I’m still a bit stuck what to do. 

I have two holes in my tights and they’re starting to ladder.

Not earth-shatteringly important but it does throw up the question of what do I do if I run out of tights? Can you buy secondhand tights? Would I want to? 

My first thought is to mend the tights but the holes are on the knee, not easily hidden, and although 40 denier they’re nylon not wool. If you have any top tips on mending nylon tights, I’d love to hear them!

And although we’re supposedly officially in Spring (pah!) it’s not bare leg weather yet. Plus there’s next winter to stride though yet. Things could get chilly… 

You can find out more about Gabrielle and her challenge at www.thegreengal.co.uk

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