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Orbital Debris

Daisy's pick from Jewellery Moments

Daisy Green is all about recycling disregarded bits of this and that to make stunning new items and this collection of old washers proves our point nicely.

When the aptly named Orbital Debris  necklace landed in the Daisy offices,  there was a bit of a race to try it on (although a party frock would have set it off better than our Suzanne’s vest!).

The full set is cleverly made from recycled washers – who’s have thought that they’d make something so striking?

This piece is a one off but I’m sure that Alice from Jewellery Moments would willingly make another. Along with the earrings, the set is a great price at £24 and guaranteed to be unique.

For a little more on Jewellery Moments you don’t have to go far, stay on Daisy green and look at the Jewellery moment feature.

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