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Quirky and original

From Queenie and Ted

Queenie and Ted Daisy Pick

We’re always looking for something quirky and original here at Daisy and we think we have found another great Daisy Pick for you in the brand Queenie and Ted.

Linda Gray and Kally Laurence are life long stitchers and recyclers  and these passions have come together to create the Queenie and Ted brand of unique customised clothing. Pre-loved women’s garments are upcycled using stitching, vintage fabrics, trimmings and buttons to make one-off jackets, skirts and dresses with soul!

The East London designer-makers fine art background informs their creation of quirky fabric motifs that depict everything from teapots to caravans. The pre-loved garments instigate an individual response from the artists and textiles found in the back of Granny’s airing cupboard are given new life.The hand of the maker is always evident and a sense of fun is usually not far away!

The ever changing Queenie and Ted collection appeals to women of all ages and sizes and can be seen in all its glory at their upstairs emporium at 144 Columbia Rd, London E2. Customers are also encouraged to bring their own garments into the shop for a green and original customisation, (prices available on request).

We love this Sparrow jacket. Prices start from £75

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