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The Sustainable Fashion Handbook

By Sandy Black

For all those with an interest in fashion, sustainability and innovation this book is a must-have!

It’s full of features, inspiring images and interviews from leading designers with a conscience, which includes Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood.

Sandy Black, Professor of Fashion and Textile Design and Technology at the Centre For Sustainable Fashion at LCF, covers every aspect of contemporary fashion: fashion cultures from high street to blogosphere to couture; design and innovation, the industry’s life-blood; the fashion business, the system’s eco-footprint; and outlooks for the future and the role of technology in greening fashion.

The handbook also includes a resources section providing comprehensive listings of leading organizations involved in campaigning, advising, certifying, and promoting sustainability worldwide.

With a wealth of information, It’s a must-have reference for leading figures in fashion, students and those who care how our clothes are made.

‘The Sustainable Fashion Handbook by Sandy Black is published by Thames & Hudson, £35

Thanks to Nyla Sammons for this contribution

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