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Jewellery Moments

By Alice Thompson

Jewellery Moments has taken the North East jewellery scene by storm.The unique jewellery start up business, driven by young entrepreneur Alice Thompson (24), has success stamped all over it.

The story began on a rainy Sunday in a Tyneside flat. Alice, born in Cumbria, was enjoying a “craft day” with her mum who is also an avid jewellery maker. After a few glances at her mum’s handmade jewellery, Alice quickly picked up this skill and has not looked back since.

Within each distinct piece Alice uses an array of wonderful, diverse beads to create a magnificent range of bespoke pieces. Fairtrade beads, special gemstones, swarovski elements and ceramic stones to name but a few.

The beauty of Jewellery Moments is that every item is completely unique. Except for her seasonal range, Alice will never replicate a piece made or sold meaning the lucky buyer will be the only one wearing their piece.

The story behind the name derives from the inspiration behind the work. A Tanzanian masai tribe, a Lake District walk, European art, nights with good friends and perfect scenes of nature. Specifically: moments in time. To add the personal touch, Alice also encourages clients to describe their perfect moment and creates custom made pieces to suit each individual.

Recently Jewellery Moments also teamed up with Team Kenya  a charity supporting and working with communities in Western Kenya to address their own development needs, live with dignity and enjoy their basic human rights. The fairtrade beads used in Alice’s jewellery include “Mzuri Beads”. They are top quality beads made from recycled paper, barkcloth, banana leaf and glass and are handmade by a cooperative of women in Uganda. The paper beads are made by cutting triangular strips from recycled magazines and posters. Each strip is rolled one by one around a needle and held in place with a dab of glue. Once the beads are rolled they are strung, varnished and left to dry for three to five days. They are then finished and left with a glossy and water resistant finish. Mzuri Beads is one of the many inspirational projects moving away from charitable aid, and onto the concept of business enterprise for sustainable income and development.

For every pair of ‘Crystalmas Tree’ earrings sold Jewellery Moments are donating £2 to this fantastic charity.

To find out more about Jewellery Moments and to have a peak at these beautiful pieces take a look at  www.jewellery-moments.co.uk the Daisy’s have also picked out one of their favourite pieces which you can see here.



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