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Recycled Future

Turning Waste Into Good Around London

Recycled Future is an exciting new business in West London which aims not only to reduce the amount of clutter which goes to landfill sites but also helps local charities and good causes in the process!

Founded by Daniel Wanat, the owner of successful West London gardening business Urban Scraping; Recycled Future offers a unique service that makes it easy for West London residents to get rid of unwanted textiles, clothes, shoes, and mobile phones in a responsible and ethical way that benefits local charities. The charities include Shooting Star Chase, Winston’s Wish, and Hestia.

As well as a collection service, Recycled Future can also provide community projects like schools, churches and sports clubs with their own clothing banks to raise funds and help the environment. After ensuring the site is suitable, they can look after all the practical arrangements including supplying the clothing bank itself and emptying it regularly.

Recycled Future is keen to work with businesses too. They have recently joined forces with a number of Travelodge hotels around London, providing an unwanted clothing collection service that’s a simple, efficient, and best of all free! A proportion of the proceeds from the sale of these collections are donated to Recycled Future’s partner charities.

So what happens to the clothes? After being collected, the highly trained staff sorts the donations into different grades – good quality clothing and shoes go straight to Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia where they’ll find a new home to be worn again. Any ripped or damaged clothes or other textiles will also get a new lease of life, after being recycled and turned into anything from mattress filling to fibres for another piece of clothing. One thing is for certain; nothing is wasted or sent to landfill- helping to battle climate change and reducing the pollution involved in constantly producing new products.

Daniel will soon be expanding the business further across London and beyond, helping more good causes and the environment. To find out more about how you can arrange for your clothes to be collected or how recycled Future can work with your school or organisation, visit their website.

You can also follow Recycled Future on Facebook and Twitter.

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