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Say hello to the love shack

Nyla Sammons explores the Conran shop

It’s this time of the year where I can feel the love in the air and to celebrate such love and Joy The Conran store shop has opened a love shack in each of their London stores.

You can find 800 divine, luxury and quirky gifts starting from £10 to £10,000 placed according to the six ancient Greek styles of love: from romantic Eros, Mania, Ludus, Storge, Pragma to the selfless altruistic love of Agape.

I see myself in the Eros category: Romantic, passionate and emotional, believing in love at fist sight! Ooooh how soppy, I know…Thankfully I can get away with it as Valentines Day approaches.

The gorgeous silk scarves by cult brand Slices London, certainly was my love at first sight! The beautiful yet edgy Eyelid design modelled by Emma Watson, caught my eye, made me linger and then blush! Who said love doesn’t come in all shapes and sizes.

Another favourite was the ever so lush Veja purses and bags in beautiful pastels colours, just what you need to see you through to Spring.

The Love Shack will be open until 18 March, after all these beauties are too gorgeous to be for Valentine’s day only. Enjoy ladies.

Suzanne Whelan

Happy and sassy and definitely sustainable.
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