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Accessories with a positive message

From Emi&Eve

Emi&Eve accessories are all about the colour of life.

Which is why all of their products, materials and people employed are what they are:

  •  A Cambodian artisan family melting brass from bomb casings into beautiful shiny symbols of friendship and peace.
  •  A community in coastal Thailand silently hand weaving a new hope and future into kaleidoscope tapestries after surviving a harrowing tsunami.
  •  A select group of illiterate and/or disabled women from all over China each with their own tale of transformation, who sew our clutches.

Emi&Eve use it all to create the most unique handbags, clutches, make up bags and other things to carry with you on your travels!

By fashion and textile designer Cassandra Postema.

After graduating from Central St Martins with a degree in fashion and printed textiles, Cassandra started out by making clothes from fabrics she had collected from all over the world and upcycled vintage finds. She took them to high profile boutiques in London and got ample magazine coverage, landing the British Council’s New Generation sponsorship award, putting her name on the map at London Fashion Week.

Cassandra then went on to co found a social enterprise business in Hong Kong with a friend creating handbags, where we worked with micro enterprises and local disadvantaged people in Asia that needed income. As Dialog Worldbutik they worked with retailers such as Anthropologie, ASOS, Endless and various boutiques across Australia, Scandinavia and the USA.

Searching for a way to express her true artist’s voice, Cassandra finally created Emi & Eve in 2012. They are curious things. They travel a lot and come back to tell the stories of people who too have overcome obstacles and hairpin bends, which unfurl into the most amazing fabrics, patterns and accessories.

We hope that you will appreciate the many stories incorporated into our collections, knowing that your purchase enables these stories to flow from troubled pasts into hopeful futures!

Price range:

US$45—154 for bags

US$60—80 for cuffs (coming in July)

US$150—210 for totally brass and jewelled minaudieres (coming in July)


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