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Green gifts for men this Valentine’s Day

Ideas from Jacamo

There are some gifts that men just come to expect when Valentine’s Day is on the horizon – cufflinks, socks, the all-too-predictable gift voucher – but for outdoor lovers and the environmentally-conscious, these gifts have no real practical purpose. This year, splash out and pick up something that really suits his needs – take a look at our suggestion for some inspiration!

Sustainable watch

A watch is a classic gift, long-lasting and stylish – when chosen well! There are plenty of eco-friendly watches out there to choose from, including the Wewood models made from – you guessed it – wood, with no artificial or toxic materials. Other brands offer watches with solar-powered mechanisms and made from recyclable materials, giving them not only a lower carbon footprint but a lower production rate, meaning your gift will carry with it the air of exclusivity.

Walking Jacket

For men who like to head out into the country, a new walking jacket is the perfect gift, especially now as we come into spring. Quilted jackets are a great choice, as they protect the wearer from the elements but remain comfortable and breathable enough for movement and flexibility. Jacamo have a great selection of quilted men’s coats in a variety of colours.

Survival tools

Another one for the nature-lover, there are a number of options for men who enjoy camping or who tend to walk outside most of the time. A good pocket-knife is essential, although you may want to take them out to buy one rather than surprising them, as preferences vary from person to person. If you want to get something smaller, but still useful, try something like a fire striker, which allows you to start a fire without the need for matches or a lighter.

Skin-friendly shaving kits

Again, your budget can dictate how you tackle this gift, as soaps aren’t usually a popular men’s choice, but good-quality shaving kits make a fantastic present. Either purchase the whole wet-shave kit, complete with bowl, badger brush and shaving cream – Taylor of Old Bond offers a wonderfully gentle avocado cream which suits all skin types – or go for a set of herbal shaving oils and face creams.

The ultimate explorer backpack

If you’re really looking to splash out this year, there’s nothing better for the avid adventurer than Verdant Computing’s Voltaic Converter Sports Bag. Made from recycled drinks bottles, the rucksack boasts a set of solar panels which can generate enough energy to charge almost an electronic device – ideal for those who want to get out and explore without leaving civilisation behind!

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