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Herbal teas tried and tested

Confessions of a tea junkie

When we run tea competitions on Daisy they are always popular so we know you love it.

And at this time of year, a healthy herbal cuppa is the ideal treat to warm your cockles and give a little lift.

There are so many teas that cleanse, detox, replenish, revitalise… the list is endless. We’ve checked out a few of the best to save you the hassle.

As a self-confessed tea junkie, I like to think of myself as a bit of an expert. After all, Santa was kind enough to deliver me a delightful polka dot teapot this Christmas, and I need the perfect tea to fill it with.

Tea Pigs (http://www.teapigs.co.uk/) are not just a great name, they offer some of the widest choice of herbal teas on the market offering everything from detox tea to chocolate flake tea.

A personal favourite of mine is their spiced winter tea. It infuses to create a wonderful deep red and has a great fruity flavour. A common misconception with herbal tea is that it is tasteless. Take a sip of this bad boy and that myth will be proven untrue.

Another option is their popcorn tea. Just for fun, I gave this one a go, and it’s not at all what I expected. An acquired taste some would say, but give it a go and see what you think.

As well as their fun and tasty teas, they also have some ‘serious’ options. Their ‘soothing sweetness’ tea is pure lemongrass, and is a tasty, refreshing blend for all to enjoy. ‘Marrakesh mint’ is a green tea with mint. Green tea is known for its benefits, I swear by it to cure a hangover. This version with mint adds some welcome flavour to a sometimes bland taste.

Energy brew’ is a good alternative to your normal morning cuppa. They recommend it with a sprinkling of ginger or cinnamon, and I second this.

Whittard of Chelsea (whittard.co.uk) has a huge selection of instant teas, which come in a powdered form and look like sherbet. For a bit of fun, their pink lemonade tea is delicious. It has the added perk of being able to be enjoyed hot or cold, and is a great one for kids.

Another option is their Dreamtime tea. It includes honey, apricot and vanilla and really does help you to relax before bedtime. A great way to banish those January blues.

Dr Stuart’s (drstuarts.com)skin purifying skin is a great January option. Although the flavour is subtle it really does what it says on the tin and you can feel the benefits. The packaging is pretty cool too.

Heart-warming tea from Yogi Tea (teaworld.co.uk) is a surprisingly spicy tasting tea. It really does have a warming effect, but if you aren’t one for heat, approach with caution!

Voya’s Peppermint Pleasure (www.voya.ie) has a twist of seaweed for added health benefits which sounds like an unlikely pairing but is actually really refreshing.

So now that I have the perfect filler for my teapot, all I need are the perfect cup and saucers to accessorise with. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated…

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