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Get together for Oxfam

Morpeth, Northumberland March 2013

International Women’s Day is celebrated every 8th March. The Oxfam “Get Together” campaign encourages women (and men) around the UK to Get Together and do something fun, whilst raising funds and celebrate International Women’s Day.

At the end of 2011, Emma Bunting was approached by Oxfam HQ to provide and set up bunting for their London launch party of the ‘Get Together’ 2012 campaign. At that point Emma had no intention of hosting her own fundraising event. However, after being so inspired by the speakers and how Oxfam were intending to spend the money, Emma decided then and there to host her own event.

So, early 2012, set about organising an event in Morpeth, Northumberland that would get together the business women of Morpeth. With the help of a good team, Morpeth managed to raise over £2000 in one day by getting over 50 businesses involved in a fun day and the two middle school children involved through an inspirational woman competition.

This figure was the highest raised by any ‘Get Together’ across the UK (excepting the celebrity clothes sale which raised over £7000) and their photograph features in all the national PR and posters for the Oxfam Get Together campaign.

Morpeth has once again struggled a lot this winter due to severe flooding, so the 2013 event has been planned with a theme of women conquering their fears and empowering them to do something that they thought they couldn’t do! So, the Morpeth Zip Wire event was born! Due to the cost of the event (£4200), Emma needs 100 women to take part.

By sheer coincidence, 2013 marks the anniversary of the death of Emily Davison 100 years ago, who’s parents were from Morpeth.

The Morpeth Zip Wire is a few days after International Women’s Day, on Sunday 10th March, Mother’s Day, at the Morpeth Rugby Club. Participants will be zipping from a 150ft high mobile crane, along 200ft of wire.

Each person zipping to raise a minimum of £75 sponsorship, of which £42 will be the event cost, the remainder going to Oxfam. All details of the event and how to pre-book (compulsory) can be found via Emma’s website.

Are you a business looking to sponsor an event this year? Why not contact Emma. This event also sees space for facepainters, crafters, artists, food, cake stalls and more tables are £25 (minimum).

If you can’t do the zip, sponsor or have your own stall you can still be part of this fabulous event by being an event volunteer who is happy to give up there time on the day.

There are so many ways to donate to this fantastic event:

  • Being a participant and raise a minimum of £75 each (£42 is actual cost to zip company).
  • Being a business sponsor to help pay the £4200 costs – minimum sponsorship is £25
  • Renting a table as a stallholder in our Arts n Crafts room, £25 per table
  • Sponsoring a participant
  • Donate by Credit Card via www.justgiving.com/GetTogetherMorpeth2013
  • Donate by Text: “PETH90 £1″ to 70070 (you can donate more than a £1 though)
  • Purchasing a special ticket to sit in the upstairs suite with balcony, £10 per couple, with unlimited teas, coffees and cakes

If you would like more information on the event, please get in touch with Emma on 07963 542313 or via email to hello@emma-bunting.co.uk


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