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Romancing the bedroom

Not only for Valentines day

Romance is only dead for those who have killed it, forgotten about it, or those who just can’t be bothered with it. For everyone else, being romantic is a wonderful excuse to bond with a partner and perhaps even add a little heat back to the bedroom.

A bedroom needn’t be a boudoir to reflect a little romance; here are a few ideas for Valentines Day and beyond, to fill the room with a little more love.

Sparks won’t fly in a messy cluttered bedroom, so the first task is to make sure the bedroom is clear of clutter and items that belong in the garden shed.

For clothes that have hung in the wardrobe for too long unworn, suggest an evening with friends for a clothes swapping party or if there is a pile of usable but unwanted items, think about donating them to a charity shop or even venture to a car boot sale to make a few pounds.

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom but especially so on Valentine’s Day. Given that it’s still rather chilly in February, one idea is to make the bed look as cosy and welcoming as possible. A faux fur throw over organic cotton sheets with a high thread count will add sensuality and warmth to the bed.

To avoid unsightly television monitors in the bedroom, there are now TV beds with the television built into the base of the bed, perfect for watching a romantic film all snuggled up together.

Mirrors are brilliant for reflecting light, making a small room appear larger and also for sexy times! A mirrored ceiling is way over the top, but a couple of strategically placed mirrors in the room will add that little extra spice to Valentines.

Lighting should be kept low, especially if there ARE mirrors all over! Tea-lights are preferable over tall candles as they are safer and won’t drip wax. Many people are also using Christmas tree lights in the bedroom for a safe, economical and pretty effect.

Choose incense, oil burners or scented tea lights to stimulate the sense of smell. Ylang Ylang, Orange and Jasmine are three scents that are said to be aphrodisiacs.

Add to the list two wine glasses on the bedside table, a vase of fresh flowers, and some romantic music to make this Valentines a night to remember.

This is a sponsored article and the views contained within it are those of Bed Star and not necessarily those of Daisy Green Magazine. However we pride ourselves in only working with other ethically minded companies.
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