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Why you should serve your kids sprouts this Christmas

And get the strong cheese on the board!

Brussel Sprouts by Brother O’Mara

Christmas dinner need not be a bland affair this year for the notion that children don’t like strong foods such as cabbage, stilton and olives is a myth.

A survey conducted by MU in conjunction with Mumsnet, has found that 36 percent of children do like Brussels sprouts and an impressive 45 percent admit they enjoy the taste of cabbage; meaning these Christmas classics deserve a place on this year’s festive platter.

The traditional cheeseboard need not suffer either, as a whopping 65 percent of kids will happily tuck into a range of pongy cheeses such as stilton, gorgonzola and popular mature cheddar, such as family favourite MU Mature.

Olives can also make the perfect appetiser, with 36 of children being rather partial to their distinct taste.

And smoked kippers will be no problem for a special festive breakfast as 37 percent of kids enjoy the taste of strong fish.

The survey also found that 75 percent of children who enjoy stronger foods began eating them from under the age of 3.

Children’s food expert and chef Beverley Glock says:

Introducing children to strong flavours from an early age is integral to their flavour development, and this can be encouraged by parents showing them how much they enjoy different foods.

This Christmas, let the kids enjoy the same foods as you such as Brussels sprouts and cabbage. Full-flavoured cheeses such as mature cheddar also work really well on canapés for Christmas nibbles, and by making children’s canapés with slight adaptations, they will feel ‘grown up’ eating the same food as the adults. Christmas is a hectic time so encourage children to eat the same as the adults to make life simple, especially when catering for large numbers of family and friends.

27 percent of mums surveyed admitted cooking separate meals for their children; however 61 percent of mums will cook one meal for the whole family, suggesting children are more open to different flavours and tastes. This is good news for parents preparing a large Christmas feast this year and looking for clean plates all-round.

New funky cheese brand MU has gone to great care to create the perfect cheese, suitable for the whole family. Its biggest-selling Mature Cheddar is loved by all, including kids who are partial to its tangy, rich flavour. MU is also available in blocks of Mild, Medium and Mature Lighter, so there is something to meet everyone’s taste at mealtimes.

MU has also come up with the perfect family snack – MU Sticks. Made from 100% cheddar, MU Sticks are the perfect strength for parents and kids alike. In a recent taste test carried out by 100 Mumsnet users, MU Sticks gained strong feedback with the strength described as “just right”, “perfect, very nice flavour” and “ideal for lunchboxes”.





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