Over The Counter Diet Pills

Over The Counter Diet Pills

As the hype has grown over natural weight loss supplements like African Mango, Green Tea, and Acai, over the counter (OTC) diet pills have become a national phenomenon. Did you know that the U.S. alone spends over $58 billion dollars on weight loss products and solutions yearly? These incredible figures have prompted entrepreneurs everywhere to get in on the weight loss action thus grocery store shelves have begun to fill up with over the counter diet supplements. Do they Work?

Because over the counter diet pills are available at drug stores and supermarkets and do not have to be prescribed by a doctor, their formulas are rarely as potent as prescription-strength diet pills unless the OTCs have proven dangerous. However, many OTCs do take advantage of natural ingredients that have proven to aid in certain aspects of weight loss. Let’s take a closer look.

Popular OTC Ingredients

Green Tea

Most supplements claiming to speed up your metabolism contain Green Tea. This ingredient is perfectly safe and has proven in numerous studies to elevate your metabolism and increase your calorie burn.

African Mango

This newly westernized supplement has the ability to suppress the appetite, burn fat, lower cholesterol, and regular blood sugar levels. African Mango has also proven in several studies to legitimately aid in weight loss when present in 150 mg doses.


This ingredient is found in hot peppers like chilies, habaneros, and cayenne and is what makes these foods “hot” or “spicy.” Capsaicin has the ability to suppress the appetite and stimulate the metabolism so your calorie burn becomes higher.


As one of the more powerful OTC ingredients, Synephrine has the ability to suppress the appetite, burn fat, increase the metabolism, and provide extra energy. Although Synephrine sometimes causes side effects like jitters, nausea, head ache, and increased heart rate, its weight loss results are undeniable.

Although those are just a few, there are many similar ingredients that OTC diet pills contain in their formulas and therefore have proven to work.

Many OTC manufacturers will scrimp on ingredients and although a label states that a product contains a certain ingredient, the company may not have included enough of that ingredient to even be effective. It’s important to make sure your OTC has high enough amounts of its ingredients so it will actually work.

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Additionally, OTC diet pills do not have to be approved by the FDA if they contain ingredients that were discovered before 1994. Only if an ingredient was developed post ’94 is the supplement supposed to be reported to the FDA. Even then, manufacturers can “forget” to report their product and so it’s important to research ingredients and their side effects before purchasing an OTC diet pill.


Yes, there are OTC diet pills that work, and yes, there are many that are frauds. In order to find a diet pill that’s actually going to work for you, your body type, and your weight loss goals, it’s important to do your research. Look up ingredients and make sure they’ve been tested and proven through studies. Also, be aware of ingredient amounts and make sure the product you’re contemplating contains high enough amounts of its ingredients to actually deliver results. The best diet pills are going to have tested ingredients in clinically proven amounts.

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