Over The Counter Diet Pills

As the hype has grown over natural weight loss supplements like African Mango, Green Tea, and Acai, over the counter (OTC) diet pills have become a national phenomenon. Did you know that the U.S. alone spends over $58 billion dollars on weight loss products and solutions yearly? These incredible figures have prompted entrepreneurs everywhere to get in on the weight loss action thus grocery store shelves have begun to fill up with over the counter diet supplements. Do they Work?

Because over the counter diet pills are available at drug stores and supermarkets and do not have to be prescribed by a doctor, their formulas are rarely as potent as prescription-strength diet pills unless the OTCs have proven dangerous. However, many OTCs do take advantage of natural ingredients that have proven to aid in certain aspects of weight loss. Let’s take a closer look.

Popular OTC Ingredients

Green Tea

Most supplements claiming to speed up your metabolism contain Green Tea. This ingredient is perfectly safe and has proven in numerous studies to elevate your metabolism and increase your calorie burn.

African Mango

This newly westernized supplement has the ability to suppress the appetite, burn fat, lower cholesterol, and regular blood sugar levels. African Mango has also proven in several studies to legitimately aid in weight loss when present in 150 mg doses.


This ingredient is found in hot peppers like chilies, habaneros, and cayenne and is what makes these foods “hot” or “spicy.” Capsaicin has the ability to suppress the appetite and stimulate the metabolism so your calorie burn becomes higher.


As one of the more powerful OTC ingredients, Synephrine has the ability to suppress the appetite, burn fat, increase the metabolism, and provide extra energy. Although Synephrine sometimes causes side effects like jitters, nausea, head ache, and increased heart rate, its weight loss results are undeniable.

Although those are just a few, there are many similar ingredients that OTC diet pills contain in their formulas and therefore have proven to work.

Many OTC manufacturers will scrimp on ingredients and although a label states that a product contains a certain ingredient, the company may not have included enough of that ingredient to even be effective. It’s important to make sure your OTC has high enough amounts of its ingredients so it will actually work.

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Additionally, OTC diet pills do not have to be approved by the FDA if they contain ingredients that were discovered before 1994. Only if an ingredient was developed post ’94 is the supplement supposed to be reported to the FDA. Even then, manufacturers can “forget” to report their product and so it’s important to research ingredients and their side effects before purchasing an OTC diet pill.


Yes, there are OTC diet pills that work, and yes, there are many that are frauds. In order to find a diet pill that’s actually going to work for you, your body type, and your weight loss goals, it’s important to do your research. Look up ingredients and make sure they’ve been tested and proven through studies. Also, be aware of ingredient amounts and make sure the product you’re contemplating contains high enough amounts of its ingredients to actually deliver results. The best diet pills are going to have tested ingredients in clinically proven amounts.

If you’re looking for a diet pill that’s safe, fast, and effective, then one we’d recommend is called Apidextra. This product is an all-natural formula that supports appetite suppression, fat burn, metabolism boosting, and muscle maintenance. When used in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise, Apidextra is a supplement that will deliver rapid, visible results.

Why Rapid Weight Loss Diets Aren’t Healthy

If you’re like me, then you might have went online to look for ways to lose weight in as quick a time as possible. You’re sick and tired of looking at yourself in the mirror and wished you looked like you used to. Well, I’m here to tell you that if you’re overweight, looking for rapid weight loss diets is the worst thing you can do.

First of all, before starting any kind of diet plan, you’ll want to talk to your doctor about it. He can give you a realistic look at where you are now, and how badly you’re overweight. Obesity doesn’t start until your body mass index, or BMI, reaches 25. Anything higher than that becomes more and more dangerous.

If you are at that point, it’s important to take each subsequent step on your quest for weight loss very carefully, and very slowly. Put it this way: did you weigh 135 lbs on Wednesday and then wake up the following week at 220 lbs? Of course not.

You put on the weight gradually, little bit by little bit, which let your bodily processes catch up with the increased work load. While it is not healthy to be that overweight in any situation, imagine if you did gain that much weight that quickly. You’d have a heart attack for sure, as your heart is not accustomed to pumping blood at the rate appropriate for someone twice your original size.

Likewise, when you lose weight, you want it to be gradual. You want to give all your bodily processes plenty of time to gradually adjust to your new weight. Anything that promises more than five pounds of weight loss in a week is pushing into unhealthy territory. With your doctor’s help, you can draw up a diet plan that will supercharge your nutrition and minimize your calorie intake to a more manageable level.

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In some instances, if your weight is due to genetics, you may be given medication to speed up your metabolism, but unless your weight is in the danger zone and you are facing imminent death or illness due to it, then it’s best to leave well enough alone and work on improving your health rather than lose weight. If you eat healthier and engage in more activities that provide physical benefits, your weight will eventually come around.

Rapid weight loss diets simply aren’t healthy. What you need is something that will bring your weight around gradually through a combination of physical exercise, better nutrition and more reasonable eating habits.

Jenny Craig Diet Review – Does It Work?

Jenny Craig is definitely one of America’s household names, right up there with Oprah and Martha Stewart. This diet started in the 1980s, and focuses on teaching people how to eat sensible foods and control portion sizes. Doctors agree. In order to lose weight, we must take in fewer calories than we actually use. Therefore a reduction in the amount of food eaten will, in most cases, lead to weight loss.

In recent decades, portion sizes have gotten bigger and bigger, and so have our stomachs and appetites. Jenny Craig aims to get people into the habit of eating less and uses a unique approach in order to do so.

Clients work with a counselor to determine caloric needs. Then the program begins. Dieters purchase all their meals and snacks from Jenny Craig. Usually, all that is required is some heating or very simple preparation. Then bon apptit! The meals themselves tend to follow the USDAs food pyramid requirements, including 50-60% carbohydrates, 20-25% protein and 20-25% fat. Therefore all is right with the world, right?

Wrong. There are a number of drawbacks to the Jenny Craig program. The first, and most important, is cost. Celebrity spokespeople such as Kirstie Alley and Valerie Bertinelli have made Jenny Craig as popular as it is, but just because they can afford it does not mean ordinary people can. In addition to an exorbitant signup fee, the meals can cost up to a hundred dollars a week for a single person. This is a huge increase over an average-sized grocery bill for one person, especially considering that you will be eating far less on the program.

Furthermore, the meals are meant to be supplemented by fresh vegetables and low-fat dairy products. In other words, you still have to go to the supermarket! Many people are forced to drop the program altogether midway through, simply because they can no longer afford it.

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Given its one-size fits all approach, Jenny Craig is also not suitable for people with allergies, celiac disease or other kinds of special dietary requirements. Everyone eats the same pre-packaged food, which more often than not contains common allergens. People also complain about the quality and preparation of the food, given that it is frozen or dried and packed with preservatives to ensure it makes it to your door in a relatively acceptable state.

Dieters also report horror stories of having lost quite a bit of weight on the program, then having gained it back twofold after coming off the packaged foods. The reason is that the program literally spoon feeds dieters in order to get them to lose weight.

Many of these people had problems with cooking and preparing healthy meals in the first place, leading them to pursue such a costly diet option. Having been handed their meals for a long period of time, they do not actually learn how to buy and cook foods that will enable them to maintain an ideal weight.

Once they are weaned off the packaged foods, many people have a tendency to go back to their old styles of eating, and gain the weight right back. Though the aim of ongoing counseling during the program is to help dieters learn about the dos and don’ts of their own meal preparation, quite a few Jenny Craig alumni report that they went back to their old habits after the program.

One reason for this may be laziness, and the fact that if they want to continue eating convenient, five minute meals, they will usually have to settle for the unhealthy options generally offered in stores. Despite being a huge expense, the Jenny Craig program often turns out to be a failure.

Liquid Diet Weight Loss Versus Obesity

What kind of diet are you thinking of starting? Is it something that will help you lose weight gradually or a crash course in fitness? It’s always much more healthy to diet and lose weight gradually, which can make liquid diet weight loss a much more satisfactory diet in the long run.

Obesity is at an all time high in the United States and in various other areas in the world. New statistics courtesy of the top weight loss professionals shows that about 300,000 people die every year from illnesses or complications related to their being obese.

But what exactly does it mean to be obese? When your body accumulates greater amounts of fat than can be burned by your average metabolism, fat deposits grow in the typical problem areas, including your butt, your stomach, thighs and waist. Even when put that way, it still doesn’t sound that bad, does it?

Here’s the reality of the situation. Some schools in Atlanta, Georgia have started offering vegetarian diets to students! Think about this for a second: school lunches are headed in the right direction. Why is the rest of the country falling behind? It’s not entirely malnutrition that’s causing this epidemic. There are also genetic reasons for this trouble.

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It’s simple for others to form judgments about others based on their appearance and potentially irresponsible eating habits, but there’s also the strong possibility that such people are simply genetically predisposed to carry around more weight. This helps to account for some people, but certainly not all the people.

Liquid diet weight loss can be a tremendously helpful way to start losing weight, but taking on a diet is not going to magically make all the fat go away. Certainly it can serve as a positive start but if you’re going to make a change to your body weight and keep it off then you’re going to have to start engaging in serious changes to your lifestyle and attitude toward food.

To lose weight and keep it off, you’re going to need to start an exercise program of some kind. Start small and work your way up to doing serious amounts of physical work, like weight lifting and jogging. If neither of those sound good, simply start walking to places nearby that you normally would use a car to reach.

Try parking far away from the door whenever you go to the store, for instance. On your lunch break at work get outside and start walking around the building. Start with a single lap and increase that number when you feel able to do so.

Liquid diet weight loss can work like a charm, but it can’t do all the work for you. By making changes to your lifestyle, you can make sure that not only do you lose the weight, but you keep it off, too.

2 Highly Effective Weight Loss Exercises That Are Fun To Do!

What are some of the best weight loss exercises I can do to lose weight? This is a question that pops up so many times, and yes there are a few good exercises you can do to lose weight but most exercises are either hard work or require a personal trainer to help assist you.

Listed below are 2 common weight loss exercises that you can do to burn fat but also have fun doing, because its fun, you will likely stick to the exercise for a long time and thus get to your ideal shape and fitness levels.

Weight Loss Exercises 1 – Spinning Classes

Spinning classes are know for being a group workout in most local gyms and the workouts are taken by an instructor that will do 20, 45 or 1 hours sessions. These are tough workouts but very fun to do and the time flies. You are basically on a stable bike that has resistance that you can turn to either add more resistance or lower it.

Depending on the instructor will depend on how hard your resistance is and also what you do on the bike. I recently went on a spinning class for 45 minutes. I had an instructor that focuses more on resistance and interval and played some good upbeat music (dance). The spinning class was so great that although I was sweating bucket loads, I came out feeling fresh and booked straight into another session. Spinning classes can burn up to 1000 calories per session which is why doing this just 3 times per week can produce excellent results.

It’s also a fun weight loss exercise and if you have problems running then this provides less impact on your knees. You can always get a spinning bike in your own home if you don’t want to go to a local spinning class, but it can be quite expensive at first as you will need to buy the spinning bike, and then get some spinning workout DVDs to follow along with. Now that may sound easy but it’s also very hard to stay motivated when working out alone. That’s why it’s probably best to join a spinning class and go with a friend.

Weight Loss Exercises 2 – Jump Rope Exercises

Another fun and cheap exercise to do that also can burn up to 1000 calories per hour is jump rope or skipping rope as its more commonly know. A skipping rope can be purchased for $10-$20 although I have seen some other skipping ropes cost upwards of $70.

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However a cheap one is all you need to start with. Jump rope is considered as anaerobic and doesn’t actually work for weight loss, but the fact is when jumping rope you use a lot of energy and when you first begin you probably cant skip for longer than 1 minute, but gradually once you have mastered the basic technique you will build up your stamina and will allow you to go on for longer periods.

Below are just a few things why skipping is so great for you and for losing weight;

  • Cheap to buy a rope.
  • Doesn’t require much room.
  • Increases your fitness levels.
  • Improves your strength and also endurance, stamina.
  • Also improves your coordination.
  • Fun to do.
  • Different jumping techniques to stop boredom.
  • A good goal when jumping rope is to aim for 30 minutes per day 3-4 times per week.

So there you have it, 2 very good weight loss exercises you can do to help lose weight, the above 2 exercises are fun to do and will produce excellent results when trying to lose weight. Not only that but they will also help tone and get your fitness levels up which will also boost your metabolism.