The 5 Steps To Conducting A Full Body Detox

The 5 Steps To Conducting A Full Body Detox

Environmental toxins, poor diets, and the toxins produced from normal metabolic functions serve to weaken the body and dull the senses over time if they are not removed properly.

Even though conventional medical professionals decry the need for detoxification diets of any kind, most people feel and look better after having completed a full body detoxification program.

Some reasons for these positive results include the improvements in digestion and elimination that are closely associated with detoxification efforts.

Here are five steps to follow when conducting a full body detoxification written down by

#1 Maximize Your Detoxification Efforts Through Raw Juice Feasting

The body’s main detoxification organs and systems include liver, lymph, kidneys, blood, skin, and colon. The most effective way of cleansing these organs is through a seven-day, herb infused juice feast. After gathering the tastiest, fresh and frozen produce for juicing or blending, one needs to identify the right herbs used to cleanse each system. For example, goldenseal is a herb that is used to clean liver, lungs, and blood. Cascara Sagrada helps detox the colon, and coriander seed takes care of kidney cleansing.

#2 Incorporate Digestive Supplementation

While performing a juice feast, one still needs to support healthy digestion through supplementation, and here is why. Raw juice feasting is the perfect way to use natural plant enzymes to enhance nutrient uptake; raw plants are the only foods that contain these special enzymes outside of supplementation. However, the detoxification protocol often kills parasitic worms that must be eliminated efficiently. The quickest way of removing them is by digesting them as protein with the help of a full spectrum enzyme.

#3 Use Supplements to Help with Elimination

Supplements that encourage the colon to eliminate waste products are highly beneficial throughout the week-long juice feasting period. Senna tea and cascara sagrada are two herbal products that stimulate bowel movements and that can help to clean out your entire digestive area in an efficient manner.

#4 Integrate Special External Cleansing Activities

Many toxins are eliminated through the skin during this seven-day detoxification program and dry brushing the skin with a soft natural bristle brush enhances this important function. Gently brushing the skin, starting from the extremities toward the heart, helps to slough off dead skin cells and improve circulation. This is best done after you have worked out, since sweating will greatly help to expedite the process of removing toxins from your body.

#5 End Detoxification Period with Colon Hydrotherapy

While detoxifying, one should never stop taking a daily probiotic, and adding good bacteria becomes more important after the last step in the seven-day detoxification protocol. Obtaining a colonic from a certified hydrotherapist is a great way to ensure that waste materials produced during the fast are effectively removed. This step is important because many alternative health professionals believe that toxins still present in the colon can get reabsorbed back into the body.

Detoxification protocols like the one described above normally results in glowing skin, improved circulation, significant fat loss, and the reduction of unhealthy food cravings. Most people benefit from conducting total body detoxification protocols at least twice yearly, which can have enormous long-term health benefits.