Why Rapid Weight Loss Diets Aren’t Healthy

Why Rapid Weight Loss Diets Aren’t Healthy

If you’re like me, then you might have went online to look for ways to lose weight in as quick a time as possible. You’re sick and tired of looking at yourself in the mirror and wished you looked like you used to. Well, I’m here to tell you that if you’re overweight, looking for rapid weight loss diets is the worst thing you can do.

First of all, before starting any kind of diet plan, you’ll want to talk to your doctor about it. He can give you a realistic look at where you are now, and how badly you’re overweight. Obesity doesn’t start until your body mass index, or BMI, reaches 25. Anything higher than that becomes more and more dangerous.

If you are at that point, it’s important to take each subsequent step on your quest for weight loss very carefully, and very slowly. Put it this way: did you weigh 135 lbs on Wednesday and then wake up the following week at 220 lbs? Of course not.

You put on the weight gradually, little bit by little bit, which let your bodily processes catch up with the increased work load. While it is not healthy to be that overweight in any situation, imagine if you did gain that much weight that quickly. You’d have a heart attack for sure, as your heart is not accustomed to pumping blood at the rate appropriate for someone twice your original size.

Likewise, when you lose weight, you want it to be gradual. You want to give all your bodily processes plenty of time to gradually adjust to your new weight. Anything that promises more than five pounds of weight loss in a week is pushing into unhealthy territory. With your doctor’s help, you can draw up a diet plan that will supercharge your nutrition and minimize your calorie intake to a more manageable level.

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In some instances, if your weight is due to genetics, you may be given medication to speed up your metabolism, but unless your weight is in the danger zone and you are facing imminent death or illness due to it, then it’s best to leave well enough alone and work on improving your health rather than lose weight. If you eat healthier and engage in more activities that provide physical benefits, your weight will eventually come around.

Rapid weight loss diets simply aren’t healthy. What you need is something that will bring your weight around gradually through a combination of physical exercise, better nutrition and more reasonable eating habits.